Reds Drop Second In A Row

Reds Starter Edinson Volquez

Reds Starter Edinson Volquez

April 9, 2009- Bases loaded, bottom of the 9th,down two runs…. Decent odds right? Well not when one of the most dominant pitchers in the big’s is toeing the rubber. Francisco Rodriquez shut down the Reds in the 9th inning Wednesday night. I even had a second of joy, when the last pitch of the game was driven deep to right-center by Reds back up out fielder Lanyce Nix; but it didnt have enough juice to get out of the park. The Reds dropped their second game in a row to the Mets to start of this 2009 season. On Monday it was a pitching duel between Aaron Harang and Johan Santana. The Mets topped them 2-1, all of the Mets offense coming from rookie Daniel Murphy who powered a ball out of left field of Harang in the 5th inning. The Reds then got an RBI single from 2nd Baseman Brandon Phillips in the 6th. All was quite after this. Wednesday went from pitchers duel to slug-fest. Their was a couple bright spots for the Reds throughout this game 1st Baseman Joey Votto, contiuned his solid hitting that he has carried over from playing for Team Canada in this years World Baseball Classic. Votto blasted a 3-run homerun of Mets starter Mike Pelfrey in the bottom of the 1st. The Mets got a very solid performance from their 1st baseman also Carlos Delgado lifted his first long ball of the year of Reds starter Edinson Volquez in the first. Delgado went on to tack up another hit and 2 more RBI’s. Volquez struggled early on with location and it showed, as he was chased of the mound in just the 4th inning. The Reds looked down and out going into the bottom of the 7th down 9-4. But squeezed across two runs in the 7th, and one more in the 8th. Bottom of the 9th showed promise with K-Rod walking two, to start off the inning; but quickly regained his composure fanning Reds shortstop Alex Gonzalez on a full count. Then got Nix to fly out to left.
Joey Votto Lifted His 1st Home Run Wednesday

Joey Votto Lifted His 1st Home Run Wednesday

It’s a good thing Cincinnati isn’t another New York, fans are calling for heads after the Yanks dropped their first two games to the Orioles. They dished out more money than I can think of to bring in top players C.C. Sabbathia and Mark Teixeira. Both struggled in their first games with the pinstripes on. Believe me New York, you got the talent give them at least 3 games. I know people dream to play a game in the “Big Apple”, but I can even begin to function how tough it must be to make a mistake and believe me you are going to hear it from fans and the media. But in Reds country we give chance after chance, and I dont know if its just me but I really would like to see the Reds put together a winning season for once. I honestly believe for the first time in years, that they have the talent to do it; pitching staff and the lineup. I love the new young look that Walt Jocketty and his crew have brought in. I was personally getting tired of the old and slow lineup that we had to deal with in the past couple of years. After a great Spring Training, I really thought the Reds would come out and show what they where made of these first few games,but not to knock the Mets down they are a serious contender in the NL East. I think give em’ a month and we can predict how the Reds season will pan out. I’m going to pray we can pull off a ummm “Tampa Bay Miracle in Cincinnati”?


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